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OSAG formed on the halcyon days of December 2009, the 7 days of winter when no storms occur. Calm, peaceful and tranquil; that describes the mood created by these winter days, and it also describes the musical pallet OSAG uses in its ambient approach to song writing. The exploration and sound has grown for OSAG, with additions of a synth, percussion, and many new atmospheric and echoing pedals. From this collaboration, begat a new soundscape that has emerged to encompass many types of music from indie to alternative, from alt-country to folk and little bits of reverb mixed in for effect. “We have many new paints and brushes to create the picture we are going for,” says Lane Dawson (lead vox, synth,). “But destroying the art you created with distortion and noise can be equally satisfying”, rebuts Danny Medina (lead guitar, vox, noise). OSAG still draws influence from its favorites: Radiohead, Trail of Dead, and Constantines, but is continually adding new sources like Band of Horses, Spoon and Les Savy Fav. “We want to keep all of our options on the table for creativity. We have a pair of dice with our influences on them, we roll em’, marry the sounds together and hope we miss by just enough to make the songs sound like us.” Says Barry Ligman (rhythm Guitar, vox).

Recently joining SESAC, OSAG is coming on strong with a string of recent Southern California shows and they have entered the studio for the beginnings of their new LP. “ We are trying to work with as much local talent in San Diego as we can.  This is talented music city and we want to be part of it.” says Brian Grover (bass, vox). Adding to the point, Adam Eidson (drums) laments, “We are trying to imagine success by taking our time and getting the right sounds in the precise spots.” With a formidable mixture of drive and desire, the five members of OSAG will feverishly labor over creating songs that encapsulate their passion for music as well as a need for art. Look for their debut album in the fall of 2011, as they are sure to excite the masses with unbridled imagination and ingenuity.


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