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Hello People  Who Know OSAG,

It has been a while since we have updated you as to what is going on with Of Sons and Ghosts  and as it says in the title, we are waking up to place our noses to the grindstone, and if you have seen my nose you would feel sorry for that grindstone.  We finished a show a couple of weeks ago at club Eleven and made some great new friends in a three-piece, kick ass, instrumental band called The Housewives , Save Amos and Children of Nova.  We would like to thank Zeke Productions for the show.  Our next show is on Sunday July 17  at the Soda bar in North Park with Oslo and Violet Isle.  That is the day of my(Barry) birthday celebration which we are having at Liberty Station for a huge beer tasting event.  There is a great chance that we will be in rare form, when are we not.  This is a Sunday night and we play at 9:30.  We will be playing a new song called Birds of Prey, which is quite a nice little ditty.  More on it later.

Tonight(Monday the 20th) most of the band will be at Blind Lady Alehouse tasting Great San Diego Beers and eating pizza.  If you are there come by and say hi.

On the recording of the new LP, we have stalled a bit and are trying to earn so $$ to get the rest of the songs recorded.  We are hoping in August to go up to Big Bear with Christian Cummings and record in a friend’s cabin for 5 days to get a couple of songs in the hopper.  Like the BonIver experience without the heartache.  One idea being thrown around is to head to LA and record the new song Birds of Prey at Elliot Smith’s old studio, New Monkey Studio’s.   That would be a surreal experience.

Please respond and reply when you get these blogs.  We are trying to make a huge push using the technologies that be to pull the ultimate Obama grass-roots movement.  Just with a band instead of a Politician.

Stop Fucking Around and Come See a Show,



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