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Hello OSAG nation and Happy belated Valentine’s day. We hope you all impregnated your significant others… disease free. 2011 is speeding by, and as promised, OSAG is finding itself in all kinds of good things. The first line of business is that the T-shirts have arrived this week and they are really tits and I think represent what we are all about. There are 3 styles and numerous colors to choose from. We will have them at all of our upcoming shows for a modest price (I’ll get to that in a second), so we can get back to recording. We also have stickers and will soon have buttons and Koozies too. OSAG would really like to thank CW from Huntington Beach for hooking us up on the shirts! We are sincerely grateful for his kindness and friendship.

Our next shows are already this weekend and we are packing up and hitting the road. Our first stop is Saturday night the 19th, at The Prospector in Long Beach, with our new friends Bella Novella who we played a recent show with at the Soda Bar. They are a ripping band that remind me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets the Black Keys. Those are big names, but this band gives an amazing rock show. You can’t help but to watch and dance. We are on first at 9:30.

Sunday we travel back to our favorite place to play, Fresno! We play at Audie’s Olympic Tavern/Club Fred at 9:45. These shows are always a blast with Marc Medina (Nanook from the North) leading the party. This will be a long set, so expect some oldies.

Other Good Things…we are still in contention to play at SXSW this March!! We have forged a bond with Red Guerilla Music and hope to be part of their amazing event.
Other good things…we are playing a show at the Soda Bar on March 27th with General Bye Bye (from Paris, France) and later playing for labels at the RAW showcase on March 31st at the Ivy downtown (we have tix, hit us up!). We are hoping everyone helps by getting the word out on the street and supporting these big shows so we can make the next steps. We will keep doing our job by writing new songs and bringing them to fruition. Check us out at Reverbnation, Twitter (@OSAG1), Facebook, and MySpace. We need to form a continuously expanding army to get our stuff out there. If we all work hard, good things are a comin’.



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