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Merry Christmas, Happy Chanaka, Festive Kwanza, Jolly Festivus, and Cool Holidays to the whole OSAG nation.  Of Sons of Ghosts is going into the holiday season getting ready to play our last show of 2010 at The Ruby Room in Hillcrest on December 30.  The show starts at 9 pm and promises to be a good one.  Cry for Us Black Swans(good name), and Jure Crando Manorlady are also playing on the bill.  A new song is going to be played called Gift Giver for the holiday season.  Instead of being about Santa it is the rantings of a homeless woman to the absent God living in her head.    Its not as heavy as it sounds.  It will be a “gift” to all of you.  See what I did there?   OSAG is organizing a small tour and many shows also to start 2011.  The show schedules are on our Facebook page.  Speaking of, you can also follow us on Twitter on the name OSAG 1.  Going into the holiday season it is important for us all to remember those who don’t have as much as we


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