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Thanks to our good friend Christian Cummings at Signature Sound, we have set a date to finalize our recordings from April 2010 and they are on track for being completed July 15th. Over much deliberation and scheduling conflicts, we scrutinized the material and have come up with a mixing plan we all agree will represent the ideas OSAG has in their collective heads. The next few steps in the recording process will be discussed very soon as we continue to write new songs and plan to lay down 3 more tracks at an undisclosed time/location in the future. Meanwhile, come out to the Soda Bar on July 16th with Black Bone Child (from Austin, TX), and Cedar Fire, which will be a great show. Come early we start at 9pm SHARP. We are slowly building up our merchandise collection with stickers (click the picture below, made by Marc Medina), shirts and CDs. So come get some new stuff!

Other info: Danny, Brian, Barry and Lane are slowly and methodically working on two side projects in their spare time. Brian’s working on a solo album recorded by Danny and all four are working on an Alternative Country album called The Old Barns, with plans to do some home recordings very soon.

Keep in touch, and please find us on Facebook and Twitter to get your OSAG fix.

Love Ya, Mean it.


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