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OSAG is proud of our first installment of a new album to be completed sometime this year. We entered Signature Sound on Saturday 4/10/10 at 10am ready for two marathon sessions equaling 13 plus hours each continuing until Sunday 4/11/10 rapping things up around midnight. We knew what we were in for. Our recording engineer and producer Christian Cummings was a true professional and made us feel like family while we were in the studio. As with most recording sessions, we began with Adam on drums while the guitars and bass played along on “dirt tracks” (tracks recorded only for the drummer to hear). The picture above is of Adam warming up before he recorded his drum tracks. Barry is doing what he does best, sitting there, cracking wise.

We have decided to give everyone an inside look as to how our recording sessions flow. First, Adam sat behind the kit and pounded out the drum tracks to lay down the foundation of each song. The guitars strum along through headphones so we can create a live drum sound and feed off of each other as we play.

The next step in our recording process is matching the bass to the drums; the backbone to the music foundation. Here, Brian is recording one of his bass lines as he listens to drums and a click track.

As the song unfolds, we add another important layer, the rhythm guitar. In this video, much like the previous one featuring Brian on bass, Barry records his rhythm guitar parts and the song really starts to take shape.

Now, we begin to add melody to each song with lead guitar lines and effects. Here, Danny is recording his guitar parts to make the song pretty chaotic in the ending.

Finally, the songs have taken shape and the most crucial component is recorded last; vocals. Here, Lane has the all-important job of singing over the top of each song as we crept up on our 23rd hour of recording.
Check this blog frequently, as the final mix will be available 5/3/10.



  1. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes peek into the world of the rock star. I always thought that the band just recorded everything at the same time but you’ve taught me the real story!

    • You are very welcome, but it’s honest work. That rock star stuff in off video for sure!!

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